Glass Mansions Interview / by Josh Custer

We had the opportunity to talk with a band that should be on everyone's radar, its just a matter of time before you start hearing them everywhere you go. That band is Glass Mansions an Electro-Pop/Rock band from South Carolina. Check out their video for "Nightswimming" below.

Josh: For those that aren't aware of you and your history can you tell a little of your backstory? 

Jayna: We formed a few years back when a previous band that Blake and I had been in dissolved.  I was introduced to Patrick through another local musician and we all hit it off.  Fast forward several years later, several tours later, and several drummers later - the three of us have stuck together in making our little electro-rock dreams a reality. 

Josh: You've been able to work with a number of different people, who has had the biggest impact on your life?

Jayna: Without a doubt, working with our producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount has been a life changing experience.  They are the most down to earth guys and have always motivated us to be more confident.  I always come out of the studio feeling more sure of what I'm doing and always proud of what we create together.  They are also some of the most positive and encouraging people we've ever met in the music industry and truly care about their work and artists.

Josh: Having had the opportunity to do tours such as Warped Tour and SXSW, what has it been like to be able to tour with bands similar to yours, and drastically different and being in front of those crowds?

Jayna: Warped Tour was an incredible experience because you're playing in front of such a young crowd who is going to be incredibly loyal to the bands they discover and fall in love with on that tour.  SXSW is very similar - but with SXSW, maybe even moreso than Warped Tour, you've REALLY got to make sure your hustle game in ON POINT.  Playing both of these festivals is something I would recommend for any band, because it truly pushes you to make sure you are standing out amongst the other bands out doing the exact same thing as you.  Playing with similar bands (or even different-sounding) becomes less of a competition in that atmosphere and more of a bonding experience because you're all in it together as musicians working for towards the same goals.  We've been able to network and make some incredible friendships with some other bands that we still tour with and personally talk to nearly every day!

Josh: What can fans expect from you through 2017?

Jayna: More music to be released, more visuals, more music videos.  We want to make sure we're making a more intimate, personal connection with our fans and will be posting more content that shows more of our lives as DIY artists behind the scenes.

Josh: The site is called You Make The Scene, for me it came from the idea that the fans are really in control of their music scenes, they decide who will make it and who won't. They control how their Scene is viewed. What does the scene mean to you?

Jayna: A music community's scene should be about support.  All national bands started out as local bands some way or another and it was because of their scene that they were able to make a larger splash.  The scene in our home state has been a bit frustrating for us as an electro-pop band, to be honest.  We've had local tastemakers tell us they don't want to see us succeed because we "don't sound like South Carolina" - which is total BS.  That is not what a scene is supposed to stand for - you want to see anyone hustling their asses off succeed, and we've been very fortunate to have a very strong support scene behind us of fellow underdogs in our scene - almost a rogue scene growing along side the more obvious one.  And SC fans have become aware of this and are going where the authenticity is - that is what a scene is all about.