A Talk With A Company Of Thieves / by Josh Custer

We had the chance to talk with Genevieve of Company Of Thieves. They are currently opening for Walk The Moon on tour. On the verge of releasing a new EP the band is very excited to be on the road and playing music for fans. 

Josh: First and foremost, how is tour going?
Genevieve: Its been so great, we are just so happy to be back together and playing shows for all these lovely people who are getting there early and being very supportive of us as the opening band. And Walk The Moon has been a total delight. Everything is just really easy, everyone is getting along and joking around a lot. It’s a pleasure.

Josh: It's always good when you are supporting someone like that who is really supportive of what you are doing as a band.
Genevieve: Absolutely, it’s a really good match, we are all in alignment.

Josh: For people that aren’t familiar with you, or maybe for old fans that lost touch when you went on hiatus, why don’t you give a little breakdown on what you guys are about and kind of what genre you would say you are in?
Genevieve: Oh man. We are definitely about love and freedom and getting in touch with your truth and finding your voice and finding out who you are and where you fit into the big puzzle of life. As far as what genre, a lot of people say that we are alternative, but we just try to write songs about real life and rock them out with drums, bass, guitars, keys and lots of fun percussion.

Josh: As you said earlier you guys are just coming back together, you recently released your track “Treasure” which is the first new music you’ve had in about 6 years, what kind of reaction have you been getting around that.
Genevieve: Its been so cool, most people are really positive and happy to see us reuniting. And for people that haven’t really heard of us before it’s a fresh new start and people have been sending a lot of good vibes and seem to be excited for our new EP when that comes out.

Josh: Awesome, let's talk about that EP a little bit, it's coming out in just a couple of weeks now. How many tracks are on that?
Genevieve: Yeah Friday, February 23rd! There are 5 songs on the EP, 3 of them are totally new, then there is a newly reworked version of “Oscar Wilde” and an intimate version of “Treasure” that is more like how we originally wrote it.

Josh: During the hiatus, Marc was playing with AWOLNATION, and you were doing some solo things, what kind of brought you back together?
Genevieve: We had been running into each other at shows in LA and every time we saw each other it got us talking, and we have a very deep bond from forever ago. We just missed each other and it was exciting to see each other because we have made so much music together. And we just wanted to hang out and play whatever kind of music like we did when we first started playing music with each other, its just kind of the way we communicate with each other.

Josh: You guys came from Chicago, I think they have one of the most unique music scenes, can you tell people a little bit about that kind of vibe they have.
Genevieve: Growing up in Chicago was totally inspiring because there were a lot of DIY bands that were playing some of the biggest venues in the city all the time and it really was just a strong community that was mostly word of mouth, and paper flyers, and burning CDs to hand out after shows. We did that too, and everyone earned their audience that way and hit the ground on their feet. Looked people in the eyes and asked people to come give it a try. Chicago is surrounded by tons of suburbs that all have bands that play all these historic venues in the city. There was just a very clear path to achieving your goals.

Josh: How important do you think it is, I think a lot of kids think that the internet is the best way to do things now with Youtube and Soundcloud they don’t think they have to work as hard, how important do you think it is to be doing a lot of that DIY? Going to shows and being face to face instead of the internet.
Genevieve: It depends, I think for some people the internet is the perfect and most efficient tool for them to get the word out, especially considering what type of music or how they are presenting the art form. But for others, it's more impactful for them to meet in person and play. Its all different places being affected. I think it doesn’t really matter what medium they use as long as they are coming through with sincerity.

Josh: Kind of one of the biggest focuses for You Make The Scene is about really being about community within the music industry. I grew up going to Warped Tour and I think its really sad that it is coming to an end and I think the music scene would be drastically different if it wouldn’t have existed because you wouldn’t have had so many different styles of bands coming together and their fan bases interacting with each other. Another of the focuses we have, and I believe it relates to your music quite a bit, is mental health and focusing on yourself to some extent. What do you think some of the key points to remember are because the music industry can be very difficult with rejection and such.
Genevieve: Absolutely, I struggle with that kind of stuff all the time. Something that helps me is allowing myself to laugh a lot more about everything and have a sense of humor about how life can be sometimes. Meditation is another big one for me. Yoga and stretching, eating healthy foods, and I know these are kind of simple things but they are profound in their ability to create a more even-keeled environment and body. The body, mind, and heart are so connected, and I think just not being afraid to talk to people about your feelings, even if it's not a friend. It could just be a stranger, but allowing yourself to be open and sharing thoughts and feelings because a lot of times it can have this magical unveiling effect on everyone. It's helpful because then you don’t feel like you are the only one going through those struggles, and also something that has helped me is just writing things down, or a reminder on my phone, or a note by my bed so when I wake up I can remind myself of some grounding truth. I think for everyone its different things.
Josh: Absolutely, I think you hit it on the head when you were listing some of those things. I think a lot of people overlook the importance of them because they are the simple things but when put together they play such a large important role in your mental and physical well-being.  
Genevieve: AND SLEEP! I know being full of life or being full of life, or even the opposite and being depressed and kind of drained can make it difficult to sleep but the truth is sleep is like the number 1 most helpful thing. Your whole being can be rejuvenated, it's not that extra cup of coffee, it's not the sugary doughnut, it's not even a massage. It’s really you need to go to sleep and drink lots of clean water, and that is the essence of joy in life. [Laughs]

Josh: I think youre right, everyone is always hustling nowadays so they are in this big rush to do all these things but they skip sleep. But sleep kind of balances you and resets the body and mind. It lets you get away from everything.
Genevieve: I learned that the hard way growing up in the city, there was always stuff going on. I was taking all the meetings and meeting people late at night and early in the morning, for lunch and for whatever it was. When I was younger I did a lot of things out of fear of losing an opportunity, and I would run myself ragged and I would get sick all the time and just really lose my life force. It held me back from being able to be a lightworker and now I'm able to discern that it is ok to say no and that when I say no to something another door will open. I needed to prioritize my health and its been really helpful.

Josh: I think again you have hit this on the head. A lot of people think that its like if I say no to this thing I won't get another shot.
Genevieve: Right so many people have this mentality that if you want something you have to go out in the world and get it. Which can be true sometimes but it can also be true that you can attract it to you by being so healthy and inspired and vibrating at a frequency that draws it to you.
Josh: Yeah, sometimes saying no kind of turns the tables on them a little. It can make them think “well they said no, what can I do to make this work with them?” And it may open that same door, just in a different and more favorable way.  I think being self-aware and knowing your worth is a big factor.
Genevieve: Totally, I have this meditation that I do some days, where I visualize a coin, any kind of coin and what it looked like and what it felt like in my hand and I put it in my pocket. And its cool, because the whole point of it is the coin, represents your self-worth, just the first thing that pops in your mind, is it like a dirty penny that you found underneath the garbage, or is it a shiny gold coin reflecting the light of the sun, or anything in between. And it's cool because you can change it and use that as a tool to reference where you are at with your self-worth.

Josh: Awesome, I think that’s a good place for us to stop. I know you’ve still got some tour left, what would you like to say to fans that are coming out to the upcoming shows?

Genevieve: Well first we just want to say thanks for listening to us, and coming out to shows! It's really special that people are willing to come and get together in a room and come together over music and animate it with their joy. And we are just really excited to see you and share our music with you! The new EP will be available at all the shows and then on February 23rd, it will be available everywhere online!