The Brevet Interview / by Josh Custer

The Brevet

The Brevet

We had the chance to speak with The Brevet while they are on tour with Magic Giant. There are still several dates left of the tour, which can be seen here. The Brevet has recently released their single “Locked & Loaded”.

Josh: Starting off with the generic question. How is tour and life on the road?

Aric: Tour is great right now; the reactions have been great. Touring with Magic Giant has been awesome; they have a ton of great great fans that we get to play in front of every night.

Josh: You guys have a ton going on for the year, why don’t you tell fans about some of the stuff that is planned for the year?

Aric: We have been recording and writing. And there is a lot of touring coming up this year for us. We just released our first single called “Locked & Loaded” from our new record, the single is out now on Spotify and iTunes. We are having a lot of fun playing that live now and seeing the reactions that we get. So that’s kind of the plan we have for the year, releasing a bunch of new music and touring.

Josh: Can you tell us a little about “Locked & Loaded”, the premise behind it and things like that?

Aric: Yeah, funny enough that song was one that when wrote it and started recording it we kind of argued about and fought about how it should sound and kind of what direction to take it in. We all had the same basic idea of what we wanted it to sound like just different approaches on how to get there. But the theme of the song is about not losing yourself.

Josh: The new album is going to be called “LEGS”, what’s the story behind that?

Aric: It stands for “Like Every Great Story”, for us, it means every great story starts with a struggle and some kind of challenge to overcome. It’s about our growth as a band and the next steps for us as a band next year and the cycle of our progression.

Josh: Being in the music industry you know how important community is, what would you say to bands that are up and coming trying to make a name for their selves?

Aric: I think as far as music goes its kind of like the wild west, there is no real right way to do it anymore. Every band does it their own separate way, but being supportive of each other and realizing that you kind of ride together more often than not is a good thing to remember. Being a genuine human being is the best way to go about it.

Josh: One of biggest focuses for You Make The Scene is around Mental Health and Depression Awareness.  You said earlier that you guys believe that the struggle is what makes the journey, what kind of insight can you give around that?

Aric: I think you definitely need to have thick skin within the industry, and even then you are always going to have your down days and things like that. I think our music has a lot of themes that are exactly that, about overcoming those challenges. I wanted to be able to write in a way that people can relate to if they are dealing with those sorts of things.

Josh: Awesome, and the new album is going to be a full length or just an EP?

Aric: Full length, the plan is to have about 11 or 12 tracks on it. We are looking at like a fall release.

Josh: How would you describe your sound for someone that hasn’t really listened to you before?

Aric: We’ve been labeled a lot of different things; there is one label that is coming around called Epic Americana. But I think we all come from different areas of musical tastes as a band. I come from more of an acting and film sort of perspective. But with all of us, I don’t want to pinhole us into a genre, we are trying to be honest with how we write.

Josh: You have this tour until the end of the month, where are you in the recording process for the album, is it still recording or more in the mixing stage?

Aric: We are in the mixing and finalization stages of it now.

Josh: What kind of tour plans do you have for the coming months?

Aric: After this tour we will be doing our own headlining tour, pushing our song “Locked & Loaded”, we will be hitting a lot of the same markets on that tour too. We will be branching out some to some additional stops as well. 

Josh: One thing that is kind of fun for fans I think is to know what kinds of things you guys are listening to in the van or bus on the way to shows. You are sometimes traveling 8-10 hours between shows, what kind of music are you listening to on those drives?

Aric: Oh man we are all over the place, it kind of depends on the driver at that time. A lot of the time we listen to older music, like the band…”The Band”.

Josh: There is still quite a bit of tour left, what would you like to say to the fans that are thinking about making it out to a show?

Aric: We try to do our best to put on a super energetic show and get everyone involved and walk away with a great experience. We want them to walk away with an emotional experience and latch on to our lyrics. And I think we do a good job doing that.

Josh: Any last words for the fans that are coming out to this tour or maybe the headlining tour?

Aric:  Come out, and dance and sing with us