MC Lars

MC Lars interview by Josh Custer

Some of you may be familiar with MC Lars already, if we are friends than I know that I have forced you to listen to him at some point. I found out about Lars a few years back and I've worked with him on a number of occasions. The dude is insanely talented and legitimately loves to make music and perform. The guy is always putting work in, working on a new album, releasing new music monthly, and touring. 

Josh: How has tour been?

Lars: Last year we did 55 shows - headed out again later this month.  I still can’t believe I get to write nerdy raps for a living, life is good!

You've been traveling with Mega Ran, what's the show response been like? 

Lars: Really good.  He’s the perfect tour-mate and we’ve been creating a new album together, dropping later this year.  We have a different audience, but at the same time, our fanbase intersects in a really cool way.  That dude is one of the all-time greats and I’m lucky he didn’t kill me last tour when I made horrible jokes on stage.

Josh: You're social media presence has been much more involved over the last year or so, you really seem to be happy. How's life treating you?

Lars: Thanks man!  I’m trying to stay focused and put more material out.  I was in the studio for a long time when we did “Zombie Dinosaur”, but now I feel more active.

Josh: The kids show has been a work in process for a long time now. Any updates you'd like to share?

Lars: Not at the moment, but stay tuned!

Josh: Creating music never seems to stop for you, what can fans expect this year from you?

Lars: Thanks!  A new record with Mega Ran coming later this year - stay tuned.

Josh: The site is called You Make The Scene, for me it came from the idea that the fans are really in control of their music scenes, they decide who will make it and who won't. They control how their Scene is viewed. What does the scene mean to you? 

Lars: I think the idea of a “scene” is always changing, it’s more about friendship than anything. With the democratization of the music industry, fans definitely decide what sticks around and what doesn’t, but creative bands also determine that with the quality of their output.  It’s a two-way street.

Josh: Lastly, shamelessly plug anything you'd like. 

Lars: Dropping two new songs a month on Patreon.  Any support by your readers would be awesome!!