Where did this come from? Where are we going? / by Josh Custer

The name You Make The Scene originally came up interview with Ryan Key of Yellowcard A couple years back. We were talking about the pop punk scene and how the fans have always kind of evolved with the music that was emerging and really help to keep it alive. So from that I came up with the idea that while the scene is bigger than any one person each person contributes to it and with that they are able to make their music scene something they can be proud of and a community that people want to be a part of.

The vision for the brand is to be a resource for fans to come to to see what's going on with their favorite band, to see photographs from those shows, to read interviews with their favorite artist. Ultimately I don't want to restrict it to a single genre of music, but instead be all inclusive. The long-term goal with it will be that we would even have a entertainment side where there will be a discussion about movies and ideally getting to the point where there would be interviews with actors and directors and things of that nature both on a small local scale and major Hollywood as well.