Avicii 1 year later / by Josh Custer



One year ago today we lost an absolute fucking legend in the music industry. Avicii transcended the dance genre, he had such an impact on so many people across the industry in a wide variety of genres. At only 28 years old Tim Bergling lost his battle with depression.

At 28 years old. The amount of impact that he could have continued to have on the industry is unfathomable. Tim was seen by his peers and fans as an absolute visionary.

The music industry is filled with artists who suffer from depression. So many people over look them because "they make music that make others happy" or "they are famous, how bad could it be?". At the end of the day they are all still people. They go through many of the same problems we do, and for many those issues can be amplified and multiplied by the pressures of the industry. The pressure from the record label, management, and fans to perform as often as possible, to create new music as fast as possible leaves little to no time for them to take care of their own mental health.

We as a society have an obligation to do better. We have to start checking on our friends and family. We have to listen to their words and watch their actions. We have to respect personal space, boundaries, and understand that artists are people too. Hunting them down after shows, at hotels, etc has to stop.

One of our biggest focuses here at You Make The Scene is mental health within the music industry. There are so many outlets for people nowadays, there are chances for us all to get help and resources.

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