Warped Tour

Warped Forever and Forever Warped by Josh Custer

Warped Tour was created in 1995 by Kevin Lyman. It is the largest and longest running touring music festival in North America. Warped Tour has always featured a diverse range of artists. Touring across the country for the last 24 years and expanding into previously putting on shows in Australia, UK, and Canada.

It was announced late last week but after 24 years of touring the country the 2018 vans warped tour would be the last full country run of the festival.   Kevin Lyman sited a few reasons for the decision. Increased cost of bands, increased cost of travel expenses, and even a shift in the demographic age of attendees.

I personally have attended work to her every year since 2002. 15 years of attending this festival, some years multiple dates.  I’ve been just an audience member, I’ve worked with vendors on different dates for a couple years, and I’ve done press  for the last eight years running. Through this time I met some incredible friends, worked with some incredible organization’s, and had conversations with musicians and artists that have impacted my life. 

I've worked with a lot of bands that shaped who I am now. I've had talks with some of the most humble down to earth people. I've been able to see artists that nobody really knew grow and become household names. I've talked to artists that went on to perform on The Voice.

Warped Tour will always hold a special spot in my heart. It helped me escape some rough times in my life. It helped me find people with a similar story. It allowed me to pursue my passion in the music industry. It gave me a safe space, where I knew it was ok to not be ok. Most of all it gave me resources for my bad days, friendships to lean on, and opened my eyes to see life is worth living. 

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Kevin Lyman and the entire Warped Tour family for the community that you created and giving so many people the things they needed most.  

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