The Material

The Material Returns With ‘Gray States’ by Josh Custer

The Material have returned, after nearly 5 years, with their new EP "Gray States". Getting their first big break on the Moutain Dew Breakout in 2007. The Material has been featured on MTV and MTV2 and their song "Moving to Seattle" is also available to download for the video game, Rock Band. Lead singer, Colleen D’Agostino, has also worked with Deadmau5 on “Drop  The Poptart” and “Stay”.

The One That Got Away is the first single from the EP is a strong showing. The song lyrically speaks of regret, not taking chances on someone. Musically if you were a fan of The Material when they were around before this song will strike a chord right away. (pun intended)

Give Anything is one that stands out to me. It is an anthem for anyone that feels like they've been stuck reaching for something that they couldn't get. The song talks about feeling like you would give anything to get to what you're after.

Closing out the EP is Mistakes. Its a song that begs for acceptance, and forgiveness. The song also speaks of the importance of another. This song is incredibly powerful for anyone that has been through a similar situation. 

This EP is a great teaser and is sure to bring in new fans as well as hyping past fans up from r the future of the band. Be sure to check the album out and let us know what you think.