The Peace and The Panic -- Neck Deep / by Josh Custer

Neck Deep -- Josh Custer Photography

Neck Deep -- Josh Custer Photography

British pop-punk’s rising stars Neck Deep are back again with their third record, The Peace and the Panic. The band have come to grips with the highs and lows in life emotionally, they’ve created their most diverse release yet. This album is a slight departure from previous releases, fans new and old are guaranteed to have tracks that pull them in.

There are several tracks that stand out on the album. A few highlights on the album are "Happy Judgement Day", "In Bloom", "Don't Wait", and "Heavy Lies". These tracks are sure to be long time favorites of fans and it's easy to see why.

"Happy Judgement Day" possibly should have been the opening to the album given the song's direction and narrative. That being said it is extremely catchy and provides a great level of energy to the album.

“In Bloom” is possibly the most "emo" song on the album, but with such a great spin. This is a song about trying to dig oneself out of a rough patch, while fighting against the forces that prevent growth and happiness.

“Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)” features, of course, Sam Carter from British metalcore band, Architects. The moral is to treat everyone well and expand one’s own outlook on the world. So often the punk/pop punk scene gets looked at as people that don't care, when in actuality this scene is one of the largest advocates for taking care of others.

"Heavy Lies" is a little experimental from prior releases. Giving the listener the feel of pop-punk legends "Yellowcard" and "New Found Glory". This track is going to be a hit with all old school fans of the genre. Neck Deep provide a glimpse into an unrequited love and they prove that the problems that we grew up with are something everyone goes through.

Neck Deep have truly expanded themselves from a local pop-punk band to mainstream radio giants. They’ve managed to do that without giving up their DIY ethos. ‘The Peace And The Panic’ is an absolutely outstanding record, and one that is without doubt will put them at the top pop-punk elite of 2017.