Underworld by Tonight Alive / by Josh Custer

We got a chance to review the latest album, Underworld, from the Australian rock band Tonight Alive, and it is sure to pass the expectations that many have. The album is out now, you can pick it up here if you haven’t didn't preorder.

The album is impressive through and through. The band has never shied away from experimentation with their sound, and "Underworld" is no exception. Straying from the sound that many people would expect from them, the band absolutely nails it with this album. A few of the stand out tracks are "Temple", "Disappear(Feat. Lynn Gunn)", and "Just For Now".

"Temple" was the first single released from the album. Featuring a mix of heavier drums and guitar riffs, with Jenna's vocals ranging from melodic to gruff. This track is one of the more impactful songs as the lyrics revolve around the message of self care. Caring about yourself, taking care of yourself, and the struggle with mental health. This topic has become much more prevalent in the last couple years.

"Disappear(Feat. Lynn Gunn)" is the 3rd single off the album. Featuring guest vocals from Lynn Gunn of PVRIS, another breakout band over. The production on this track is flawless, feeling larger than life at parts but never overpowering they lyrics or message of the song. It's sure to be on playlists everywhere.

Then there is "Just For Now" which feels like the band really defining who they are and what their sound is. Mid tempo and punchy drums drive the song as Jenna's vocals beg the question "How can I love?". Lyrically it puts the listener in a position they've likely been in before wondering why they can't be with the one that they want.

Over all this album is solid, the band experiments with some new styles, but never loses sight of themselves. They've been able to once again play with different styles and sounds but stay true to who they are and provide listeners with a collection over very solid tracks. Singing about relate-able content including unrequited love, mental health, and self care.

Let us know in the comments what tracks are your favorite off the album!