Hawthorne Heights has Bad Frequencies / by Josh Custer

Hawthorne Heights has released Bad Frequencies, this is the first full length album from the band since 2013, and it is definitely worth the wait. Many people will remember the band for The Silence In Black and White, and If Only You Were Lonely. The album was released by Pure Noise Records on April 27th, 2018, you can pick up your copy here.

Opening with, “In Gloom”, an upbeat sad reflection track. The tempo and riffs are counterintuitive for the lyrical base of the track. But it all works, bringing together a faster melody and somewhat vintage emo lyrics blend together beautifully in this track.

“Pink Hearts” takes its shot next. This will be one of the more popular songs live. It just has an energy and sound that is going to lend to a great time for fans to dance, jump, and sing along at the top of their lungs.

Skylark is an up tempo track that will remind listeners of the "Fragile Futures" album. This throwback is sure to keep the listeners attention to the album.

Perhaps the most emo song on the album is The Suicide Mile. Lyrics talking about reflecting on years past, and spending sleepless nights next to a loaded gun, it is a reminder that nobody is exempt or safe from depression. The band has talked about mental health quite a bit over the course of their career and have been advocates of talking to people, seeking help, and pushing forward.

This album is a strong showing from the band. Bringing emo circa 2005 back. Hawthorne Heightshave put out an album that is sure to bring them back into the light of many people that may have forgotten about them over the past couple of years.