Dark Skies are here from Fit For A King / by Josh Custer

Dark Skies have arrived. Fit For A King from Dallas, Texas release their 4th studio full length album. Gearing up to set out on tour with The Devil Wears Prada the band is set to hit the road with some new racks in the rotation. Dark Skies officially releases on September 14th.

The album opens with a track called “Engraved”. This track is such a good hook for the album. Starting off with this track about finding yourself and the direction that you should be going is a powerful shot. Lead singer Ryan Kirby’s vocals and lyrics hit very close to home. “I need more time to find my place” is a line that virtually everyone connects with. That feeling of knowing you aren’t where you want to be or where you should be. Engraved will be an anthem to a lot of fans.

Another track that caught our attention was “Anthem of the Defeated”. This track feels a lot like a track from Five Finger Death Punch, but is also uniquely their own. The lyrics talk about Rage, and the things that come along with it. It is a bit of a shorter song but definitely holds the listener closely.

When Everything Means Nothing” was a previously released single. It is an honest look at depression. Lyrically it speaks about what many that suffer from depression struggle with, the line “A prisoner of my own mind. Should I give up? I try to smile, try to fight, just say I’m okay.” is the daily struggle for so many people. Depression is a hard subject to discuss, it is an uncomfortable conversation but putting it in the light can be a very liberating thing.

Other stand out tracks include Shattered Glass, Tower of Pain, and Oblivion.

The album has everything you could ask for out of a Metalcore album, heavy breakdowns, melodic rhythms, deep screams, and crazy guitar riffs. The substance of the album, lyrically, is a powerhouse, tackling tough subjects and providing release of emotion. The album speaks heavily around mental health and will be a great album for those that suffer from mental health issues to turn to. This album scores an 8 out of 10 for us, and honestly the only thing we really would have liked more of is tracks. The album is 10 song long, but we were left wanting a little more, maybe a deluxe version of the album will be released in the future with 3 or 4 additional tracks.

Be sure to pick up your copy of the album from iTunes, Amazon, the band’s website or catch them on the upcoming tour!