Sum 41 Evolves With 'Order In Decline' / by Josh Custer

“Order In Decline”, the newest release from Sum 41, is the next album in their evolution of sound. Over the years they have progressively grown from a somewhat jokey pop punk band to their newest sound which is much heavier, and a vastly more rock and metal sound. This evolution of sound has allowed them to grow their fan base to areas that may not have paid attention to them before, as well as continue to resonate with their “old” fan base.

Starting off this album with a soft piano leading into a driving drumbeat and chasing guitars, “Turning Away“ is the first introduction to the new sound for fans. Late in the song features a guitar solo showcasing the new metal riffs.

Out For Blood” is a fast pace metal anthem. Heavy drum beats and chunky guitars lay the groundwork for an angst filled lyrical tirade. Another metal breakdown featuring a squealing guitar solo further solidifies the new direction and sound.

The album slows down with a somber melancholy track called “Never There”. The track takes a look at the relationship between lead singer Deryck Whibley and his father whom he has never met. The track is a speech about how, while his father was never there, he hasn’t let that hold him back and he has continued to live his life. While it is a sad song it also seems to be a statement that he has made peace with the situation and has moved past it.

Then the album dives back into the dark heavy waters with “Eat You Alive”. This track is going to be on a lot of workout playlists. It is a heavy track with lyrics that will amp you up.

Closing out the album is another soft track, one of my personal favorites on the album, “Catching Fire”. This track is a letter to Deryck’s wife about how he would feel if she passed away. It is going to hit hard for anyone that has lost someone close to them. This song could be the most important song on the entire album.

The fact that Sum 41 has been able to make music, take a hiatus, change directions and grow as musicians while seemingly never missing a beat is truly a testament to not only them but their fan base that has continued to support the band for nearly 2 decades.

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