Lights reminds Newport Music Hall "We Were Here" / by Josh Custer

Lights brought the We Are Here Tour through Columbus, Ohio at the Newport Music Hall. The tour is in support of her latest album "Skin & Earth" and the latest single "We Were Here", which just had an EP of remixes dropped. The Skin & Earth album goes along with a short comic book series that she wrote, illustrated, lettered, and produced herself. The tour features an opening set from DCF and Chase Atlantic

Opening the set with "New Fears" from "Skin & Earth". Coming out backlit by a LED board and strobe lights it added a special flair casting her silhouette to the crowd. Hooking the crowd in from the beginning it was clear to see how excited everyone in attendance was for the show. 

Lights in Columbus, Ohio

Lights in Columbus, Ohio

Setting out with a high level of energy performing a mix of songs from her most recent release as well as a couple of throwback tracks. Performing many of her stand out songs such as "Savage", "Second Go", "Up We Go", and "Siberia". One of my personal favorite songs from the new album "Moonshine" was a very well received performance. 

Slowing the set down with an acoustic version of "Face Up" and the "Midnight Machines" version of "Muscle Memory" the crowd was into the very intimate feeling that was conveyed. The stage was set with a keyboard and candles during these songs and brought a very mellow vibe. 

Picking things back up with "Skydiving" it was like the party switch had been flipped again and the crowd's energy was back through the roof. There wasn't a single person in attendance standing still. "Running With The Boys" closed out the main set with a solid performance and level of energy. 

Coming back to stage after a short moment of the crowd chanting "One more song!" to perform 2 encore tracks. Hitting the crowd with "We Were Here" everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs, you could tell that they had been waiting for the song to show up in the set. And closing out the night with "Almost Had Me" which was a great choice to keep the crowd hooked but also to help wind down the energy. 

This tour has potential to be her best tour yet. I've seen her on tour with the release of each of her albums and while she has always clearly enjoyed what she has been doing at that time, I don't think I've ever seen her perform with this level of energy and passion. It is clear that she is very proud of the work she has been doing around "Skin & Earth". You can pick up the album, merch, and comics here. To see more photos from the show click here.