Tall Heights perform in Indianapolis / by Josh Custer

Tall Heights, an electronic folk duo, from Boston, MA. Formed in 2009 by Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, keeping their set up simple so that they could perform them on the streets. They joined Sony Records in 2016 with the release of Neptune. They recently toured in support of Judah and The Lion on the "Going To Mars!" Tour. That tour made a stop through Indianapolis, Indiana where we were able to check out the show. 

Opening bands always seem to have a bit of a disadvantage, the room hasn't always filled up by the time they take the stage, theres a good chance that many of the fans at the show don't know who they are, and it can be hard to read the room's energy. Tall Heights didn't let any of that affect them. Taking the stage with an energy and confidence that drew the crowd in immediately. 

Opening their set with No Man Alive, the crowd instantly took to the band. The performance had a perfect amount of energy to open the show. And then the band decided to have some fun performing River Wider/Feliz Navidad with a huge reaction and singalong.  

The new single Not Like It Was went over very well with fans and got a great reaction. People singing along and dancing and jumping around. Its always nice to see a band performing a new single on tour to see what kind of reaction and changes the composition there is. 

Another big hit with fans was Cross My Mind. The crowd was really into the energy and was giving the band a lot of love as the crowd grew in size, filing in for the show. Much of the crowd was dancing along and singing the parts that they could. 

Taking a moment before they played their last song to thank fans and people for coming out to the show and thanking Judah and The Lion for bringing them on tour. It was easy to see that the guys were very appreciative and truly enjoy being on the road playing shows. 

Closing their set with Spirit Cold, the crowd was feeling the set and band for sure. You can check out the song below.

We will be doing an interview with the band soon. The show and energy is definitely someone that we recommend getting out to check out.